The Claudia Black Young Adult Center is pleased to offer Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy as part of the healing process. During equine-assisted psychotherapy, patients learn how to use their connection with the horses as a way to move past barriers in their own relationships with family and friends. Horses are extremely intuitive, allowing them to mirror a patient’s emotional experience to help that patient realize when they’re present, disassociated, and how they are relating to the world around them. Among other benefits, patients practice being present and experience their true emotions while remaining grounded. The result of learning how to regulate one’s emotions facilitates trust between the horses and patients. Equine therapy is generally used during the middle and late phases of treatment, as well as in the Relapse-Prevention phase.

Among other skills, patients learn:

  • How to develop a greater sense of trust
  • How to more effectively communicate
  • How to enhance emotional awareness
  • How to be more assertive
  • How to become more adept at problem-solving

Innovative Equine Therapy Treatment

The Claudia Black Young Adult Center in Wickenburg, Arizona, provides an intensive, experientially based 45-day treatment program for young adults ages 18 – 26 who are struggling with unresolved emotional trauma, addiction, have a dual diagnosis, or who have failed past addiction treatments. Dr. Claudia Black – renowned author, speaker, and trainer who has been working with family systems and addictive disorders since the 1970s – is the clinical architect of the Claudia Black Young Adult Center.

In a safe and nurturing community composed of their peers, young adults are guided on their journey of recovery by examining the underlying causes of addiction and co-occurring disorders. The goal is for these individuals to gain the courage to face difficult issues, including grief and loss; heal from emotional trauma; and become accountable for their own feelings, behaviors, and recovery. Visit us here or feel free to phone us at 855-333-6075.