The concept of “wellness” is a foundational principle in the treatment of trauma and addiction. Wellness refers to a balanced, moderate lifestyle that incorporates spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth. Individuals who suffer from addiction and trauma often make unhealthy lifestyle choices that harm themselves and bring imbalance into their lives.

Groundbreaking Young Adult Treatment

The Claudia Black Young Adult Center’s wellness program and holistic methodologies help young adults create a healthy and empowering lifestyle. The Claudia Black Young Adult Center has distinguished itself as a pioneer in wellness and holistic treatments. The Meadows Model is built around five key issues:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Reality
  • Boundaries
  • Moderation
  • Dependency

As patients learn to discern healthy choices from unhealthy ones, they:

  • Gain self-esteem
  • Create better boundaries in relationships
  • Live in moderation
  • Realize their inherent value

Armed with an understanding of their self-worth, patients are empowered to see themselves and their shortcomings in a self-reflective light that helps them take responsibility for their decisions and, ultimately, achieve wellness. The Claudia Black Young Adult Center also promotes wellness through:

Our expanded offerings now include these additional components:

  • Mindfulness in Recovery Workshop
  • 12-Steps in Recovery Workshop
  • Lectures on brain and trauma, the role of meditation in treatment and mind-body-spirit connections

Holistic Treatment for Young Adults

The Claudia Black Young Adult Center in Wickenburg, Arizona, provides an intensive, experientially based 45-day treatment program for young adults ages 18 – 26 who are struggling with unresolved emotional trauma, addiction, have a dual diagnosis or who have failed past addiction treatments. Dr. Claudia Black – renowned author, speaker, and trainer who has been working with family systems and addictive disorders since the 1970s – is the clinical architect of the Claudia Black Young Adult Center.

Visit us here or feel free to phone us at 855-333-6075.