The Claudia Black Young Adult Program has a high ratio of behavioral health care technicians to patients to assure a greater sense of safety. We are extremely proud of our medical staff at the Claudia Black Young Adult Center. Their dedication to patient care and treatment is what makes the Claudia Black Young Adult Center such an effective treatment program.

Our dedicated nurses and medical staff play a vital role in helping patients at the Claudia Black Young Adult Center. Patients who enter our program can rest assured knowing that they are receiving the best care possible throughout their stay.

Psychiatric Services

nursing careA thorough assessment of diagnostic differential and ongoing consultation throughout the program provides appropriate medical management of conditions ranging from:

• attention difficulties
• mood dysregulation
• anxiety disorders
• impulsivity
• assistance in drug and alcohol withdrawal

Families meet with the psychiatrist during Family Week, common discussions are:

• Explanation of medications administered
• Understanding of diagnosis
• Expectations for treatment and recovery
Comprehensive psychological testing with individual interpretation by psychologist upon request

During the early phase of recovery, patients often become aware of physical and mental health symptoms. These symptoms may not be new, but they were often masked or relieved by drug/alcohol use. Each patient undergoes a thorough history and physical examination by the onsite medical doctor with follow up as needed. The keen assessment skills of our nurses and medical staff helps in this early phase and throughout the course of our patients’ treatment.

Dedicated to Your Care

The Claudia Black Young Adult Center nursing and medical staff can help individuals suffering from addiction, mental health, and emotional trauma issues discover a higher quality of life. We offer a comprehensive holistic treatment that focuses on healing all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. We invite you to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment. To learn more, visit us here or feel free to call 855-333-6075 to find out how we can help.