Treatment facilities provide remarkable assistance to people in need. There are times, however, that previous treatments may not have provided the results patients would like to experience or there is a relapse afterward. The decision to enter a treatment program is one of the most important steps to take in your recovery. Regardless of why previous treatment options may not have worked, what matters is that you are committing to recovery today.

Unique Treatment For Your Needs

It is not uncommon to have patients who have had previous treatment experiences followed by a relapse or several relapses.  What will distinguish this treatment experience is:

  • In-depth psychiatric assessment and psychological testing
  • Strong use of peer community and behavioral accountability
  • Treatment planning based on the assessment of relapse factors
  • Thorough review of prior relapses with focus on detecting early warning signs and increasing tools for recovery
  • In-depth exploration of underlying issues

Long Lasting Recovery For Young Adults

No matter where your journey has taken you, the Claudia Black Young Adult Center treatment program can help. Don’t let previous experiences discourage you from a recovery that is possible. Take the first step by visiting us here or calling 855-333-6075 to find out how we can help.