At the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, we explore the underlying issues and understand the specific needs of young adults who have lost focus. Our individualized treatment program is geared to young adults who are experiencing difficulty embracing independent lives due to unresolved trauma, addiction, or other issues, including unsuccessful previous treatment. Young adults, who are surrounded by their peers may have a perception of being at an “in-between” stage – knowing they are free from adolescent struggles while seeking independence. Research reveals that the brains of young adults continue to develop until age 25. Many addictions, psychological trauma, some mood disorders and many other issues can be traced to a dysregulated brain stem. For this reason, we provide targeted treatment for this unique population.

Committed to Seeing Our Patients Succeed

The Claudia Black Young Adult Center in Wickenburg, Arizona, provides an intensive, experientially based 45-day treatment program for young adults ages 18 – 26 who are struggling with unresolved emotional trauma, addiction, have a dual diagnosis, or who have failed past addiction treatments. Dr. Claudia Black – renowned author, speaker, and trainer who has been working with family systems and addictive disorders since the 1970s – is the clinical architect of the Claudia Black Young Adult Center.

In a safe and nurturing community composed of their peers, young adults are guided on their journey of recovery by examining the underlying causes of addiction and co-occurring disorders. The goal is for these individuals to gain the courage to face difficult issues, including grief and loss; heal from emotional trauma; and become accountable for their own feelings, behaviors, and recovery. Visit us here or feel free to phone us at 855-333-6075.