What is Pornography Addiction?

The viewing of pornography can absolutely be part of your healthy sexuality. It can exist comfortably within a relationship in which both partners have discussed usage openly and find a relationship with porn pleasing and gratifying. Of the large number of people who view pornography at some point in their lives, only a small percentage of those individuals become addicted. For those who are addicted, pornography is a compulsion in which you become powerless in the face of the “drug,” and your life has become unmanageable. Read More

Women & Porn Addiction

When it comes to women and porn addiction, we tend to have a lot of questions, and often a lot of doubts. With any form of addiction, stigma is a big hurdle to overcome. And despite existing and emerging science, compulsive sexual behavior disorder, which includes sex and porn addiction, seems to attract even more misunderstanding, especially in women. If you’re interested in overcoming porn addiction as a woman, know that information, understanding, and healing are always available. Read More

What is Hangxiety?

We all know the telltale signs of a hangover: headache, nausea, dehydration, exhaustion. But there’s a symptom you might have experienced without knowing what it is — hangover anxiety — or to use a catchy new word: hangxiety. Read More

Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana on the Rise

You’ve probably heard of fentanyl-laced heroin or opioid pills, but it has recently shown up in other street drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstacy. There’s even reason to believe that fentanyl-laced marijuana is now circulating. Read More

The Return of Psychedelics

Are psychedelics getting more popular? What are the pros and cons of incorporating psychedelics into mental health treatment? Are psychedelics safe? While psychedelics have provided breakthroughs for tough-to-treat cases of trauma and other conditions, they still have drawbacks, and their efficacy remains difficult to understand. Read More

Vacation Mode: Letting Your Guard Down with Drugs and Alcohol

Whether it’s spring break, a summer vacation, or a holiday getaway, it’s good to plan time away. Vacation is a time to let loose, have fun, relax, and maybe even try some things you’ve never done before. For some it may be deep sea fishing, skydiving, or snowboarding; for others, it may be recreational drugs. Read More

Fantasy Football Addiction

Playing fantasy football has grown in popularity year after year, with over 62 million people participating in 2022, according to the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association. That means the number of participants has nearly doubled in the past decade (up from 32 million in 2010).  Read More

Are You “Sober Curious?” Why Drinking May Be Going Out of Style

While alcohol-related deaths are climbing, there are positive developments on the horizon. Monthlong sobriety challenges like Sober October and Dry January are growing in popularity, as many young adults explore life without alcohol. One such effort directed toward alcohol-free living is the sober curious movement, which is rapidly gaining momentum among the college-aged crowd. Is it possible that drinking is going out of style? Read More

Prescription vs. Illicit Drug Addiction

When we think of “drug abuse,” most of our minds probably go straight to illicit drug use. But prescription drug abuse has grown into a national problem over the past few decades, with sad and shocking statistics to show for it. Read More

Are Sex Addicts Getting Younger?

Are sex addicts getting younger? “Sex addiction” is a complicated label, and usually it’s shorthand for a combination of life-disrupting sexual behaviors. The main characteristic of these behaviors is that they are compulsive, cause severe distress, and become a focal point in a person’s life regardless of negative consequences. Read More