Codependency is an emotional disorder that causes someone to ignore their own needs while feeling compelled to fulfill the needs of others. He or she may forfeit their own well-being and values in the pursuit of pleasing other people. After experiencing relationship trauma, codependent individuals often:

  • Form unhealthy relationships due to feelings of low self-worth
  • Enter relationships with individuals who are irresponsible, emotionally detached, or excessively needy
  • Find themselves in emotionally and, sometimes, physically abusive relationships
  • Repress their emotions
  • Often cope by abusing alcohol, drugs, sex, or food
  • Often experience anxiety and/or depression

Emotional Trauma Treatment for Young Adults

At the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, we help patients look beyond their symptoms and consider the emotional and relational trauma behind codependency in order to better understand their unhealthy coping mechanisms. Codependency and its accompanying issues are addressed everyday at the Claudia Black Young Adult Center. Visit us here or feel free to call 855-333-6075 to begin your journey.