Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that stems from a life-threatening event or psychological trauma. The disorder can be triggered by any overwhelming experience and chances for developing PTSD are greatest if an incident is extreme, long lasting, or repeated over time. The level to which the distressing incident was unforeseen and out of a person’s control may also play a role.

PTSD can manifest as:

  • Repeated nightmares
  • Intense remembrance of the event
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Feelings of unreasonable anger
  • Constant edginess
  • Avoidance of situations that may produce thoughts or recollections of the traumatic event.

Many individuals will silently suffer from PTSD and seek to minimize its effects through self-destructive activities, such as medicating traumatic memories with drugs, alcohol, food, or sexual behaviors.

PTSD Treatment for Young Adults

Those who have experienced a traumatic event can benefit from seeking help. At the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, clients are invited to recollect and share the emotions and sensations they experienced during the initial trauma or subsequent events. Our world-renowned experts in treating psychological trauma guide each patient through a safe and effective process of uncovering and processing any issues related to unresolved trauma and PTSD.

The Claudia Black Young Adult Center is designed to help young adults suffering from such serious issues recognize they have a full and rich life ahead of them. Visit us here or feel free to call 855-333-6075 to find how we can help.