Holiday Wish

December 19, 2018

Written by

Tian Dayton, PhD, TEP

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Don’t worry about making any one person the answer

Let recovery be the answer

Don’t worry about finding that good mother

Let the rooms embrace you

Don’t worry about the “God thing”

Let the peace of the program grow inside you one day at a time

Don’t even worry about working the program

Open yourself and let the program work in you

Don’t worry about finding yourself because if you walk this path

Your Self will find you

Don’t worry about finding the path…

The path is inside of you and you find it one step at a time….

Don’t worry about finding a passion…

Let your passion lie in joyful and purposeful living….

Don’t worry about the past because the past that you need to work through are those parts that interfere with your present

They will show themselves to you if you are mindful and aware

And you will face them with courage, heart and even joy

Don’t worry about the future because today well and mindfully lived

Today loved and embraced….

Today faced and dealt with….

Are what you have and they will shape your future….

Take it a day at a time

Have faith

Have heart

Have courage

Keep love in your heart.

You will be OK …you will be fine….

And more times than you think, your wildest dreams will come true.

From The Soulful Journey of Recovery…..fall 2019

Tian Dayton PhD