NPR Story on Camp for Kids Impacted by Addiction Highlights Dr. Claudia Black’s Work

October 24, 2019

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Claudia Black Young Adult Center

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The reach of Meadows Behavioral Healthcare staff and Senior Fellows like Dr. Claudia Black extends far beyond our own treatment programs. Its impact is felt as our experts’ teaching, books, and ongoing work spread a message of hope and healing across the country and around the globe.

A recent episode of NPR’s All Things Considered highlighted the amazing work of Camp Mariposa, a free mentoring and addiction prevention camp for children affected by a family member’s substance abuse. In 2018, 1,542 campers convened at 13 locations across the US to take part in the program that relies heavily on Dr. Blacks’ “family rules.” That makes sense since Dr. Black is an advisory board member and was instrumental in developing the camp structure.

At Camp Mariposa, children learn calming techniques and coping skills. They also focus on something called “The Seven Cs.” It’s made up of the following mantra: “I didn’t cause it, I can’t control it, I can’t cure it. But I can take care of myself by communicating my feelings, making good choices and celebrating myself.”

Not a bad message for any of us to remember.

Read or listen to the NPR story At This Camp, Children of Opioid Addicts Learn to Cope and Laughby clicking the button below:

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Camo Mariposa

Children who grow up around addiction have a higher risk of using drugs and entering the juvenile justice system. A three-year study with a team of researchers at Louisiana State University found Camp Mariposa’s main goals were being met: 95% of campers had never used a substance to get high, and 98% had no involvement in the juvenile justice system. These stats were shared by Brian Maus, Director of Addiction Prevention and Mentoring Programs at Eluna, the organization behind Camp Mariposa and other programs to support children and families impacted by grief or addiction.

Find out more about Dr. Black’s family rules in an article penned for Eluna titled Family Rules: Don’t Talk, Don’t Trust, Don’t Feel.

If you know a young adult struggling with the aftereffects of trauma, addiction, or grief, The Claudia Black Center can help. Our intake coordinators would love to talk to you about our programs and answer any questions you have.