What to Do When You Feel the Urge to Self-Harm and Relapse

It’s possible to plan ahead to decrease the chances of relapse after you leave treatment. Therapist and author Lisa Ferentz, speaking at The Meadows’ recent conference on trauma and addiction, discussed this challenging part of treatment — and offered a realistic and proactive process that helps patients avoid relapse. Read More

The Triggering Effect: How to Manage Yours

If you’re in recovery from addiction, you know it takes much more than just willpower to prevent relapse. Recovery is a lifelong journey of learning and discovery about yourself that requires deep healing, as well as an arsenal of coping mechanisms to get you through the daily struggles of sobriety. Read More

Overcoming a Relapse: Reclaiming Your Sobriety

By Wesley Gallagher Recovery from addiction is a long road, and it’s not always a straight one. There are twists and turns along the way, speed bumps and detours. And unfortunately, part of the journey for many includes relapse. In fact, according to the National… Read More