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Frequently Asked Questions

At the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, our treatment program helps individuals overcome what is holding them back by addressing the core issues behind addiction and mental health conditions. We work to resolve these root causes in order to end the resulting maladaptive behaviors. Our programs treat addiction, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and other behavioral problems in a 45-day inpatient setting that employs a wide range of therapeutic modalities for a comprehensive treatment experience.

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  • Q Is the treatment facility licensed and well-equipped?


    The Claudia Black Young Adult Center is a fully licensed, comprehensive inpatient treatment program with a long history of successful outcomes. CBC has a gold seal from The Joint Commission signifying national quality approval, is LegitScript-certified, and NABH accredited.

  • Q Does the facility have a program that incorporates holistic practices?


    The Meadows believes in treating the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. We offer a variety of complimentary, regulatory activities that enrich the recovery process, including acupuncture, meditation, yoga, tai chi, and mindfulness.

  • Q Does the Claudia Black Center offer medical detoxification services if necessary?


    Yes. We are able to safely detox patients on our campus with 24-hour clinical supervision.

  • Q What is detox?


    The detoxification clears toxins or harmful substances from the body. While detox may initially be uncomfortable, our staff employs a variety of methods to lessen any discomfort while carefully monitoring each patient during the process. Once a patient undergoes detox from alcohol or drugs, they are then ready to begin the psychological journey of recovery. Different addictions call for different treatments. In order to find out what is optimal for you, discuss your situation with a qualified healthcare professional or contact our Admissions Team to find out if you’re a fit for our program. Detox can be dangerous if not supervised by a qualified medical practitioner.

  • Q Does the facility embrace the use of Somatic Experiencing, DBT, and EMDR methodologies?


    Meadows Behavioral Healthcare programs incorporate individualized therapeutic modalities such as Somatic Experiencing® (SE), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique, as appropriate.

  • Q How long have you been offering this kind of service?


    The Meadows was created as an addiction treatment center more than 40 years ago at a former dude ranch in the Sonoran desert northwest of Phoenix, Arizona. Since that time, we have added programs for eating disorders, sex addiction, love addiction, and young adults. Trauma is also a main component of our treatment approach. Our long history and stellar reputation ensure that we are able to attract the most skilled treatment professionals (who also happen to be caring and compassionate people).

  • Q How competent are the staff and employees?


    Patients at the Claudia Black Young Adult Center benefit from a multi-disciplinary team of providers, including a psychiatric specialist, a medical doctor, 24-hour nursing, licensed master’s and doctoral level therapists as well as other highly trained professionals.

  • Q Has the facility’s treatment model been tested over time?


    The Meadows Model of Developmental Immaturity was developed by Senior Fellow Pia Mellody in the 1970s and has become the gold standard for trauma and addiction treatment.

  • Q What is the ratio of staff to patients?


    Each of our therapists has a maximum caseload of six patients.

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