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Family Matters

Our strong focus on family systems has transformed the lives of young adults and their families. We embrace our patients and their families into the process even before treatment begins and walk with them throughout to create healthier interaction. Family dynamics often play a role in addiction or any other issue the young adult is facing, so it’s important to provide a space for the family to effectively communicate in order to heal.

Family involvement in the recovery process is crucial. While your loved one is an admitted patient at the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, contact will be limited. However, we devote set times for family visits weekly and offer a dedicated week-long family workshop complete with lectures and experiential exercises to promote healthy communication. These opportunities for families to interact and come together in the healing and recovery process are an important part of treatment.

Claudia Black on the Family Dynamics of Addiction

Family Week at CBC

At the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, we recognize that although the young adult has been singled out for treatment, the entire family has been impacted. The willingness of family members to be involved in their loved one’s treatment experience is critical to the patient’s recovery. That’s why we actively engage the family shortly after admission with our family program and integrate them into the treatment process, in addition to providing guidance and support.

Our family program is designed to increase healthy communication, teach skills to set healthy boundaries, and support young adults in their recovery, not in their disease. It begins with inviting family members to participate in private, live, Microsoft Teams webinars prior to attending our onsite family workshop. This allows for rapport-building with our family counselor, who provides psychoeducation and resources needed while assessing your needs within the context of the family system. During our onsite family week experience, the emphasis stretches beyond psychoeducation, incorporating experiential ways of learning with a strong focus on healthy communication.

“We consider the entire family to be our client and realize the need for their recovery, too. If everyone wants the family dynamics to change, the family as a whole needs to make a commitment to recovery.” – Dr. Claudia Black

Treatment for the Family

The Claudia Black Young Adult Center provides an intensive, experientially based 45-day treatment program for young adults ages 18-26 who are struggling with unresolved emotional trauma, addiction, have a dual diagnosis or who have failed at past treatment attempts. Dr. Claudia Black – a renowned author, speaker, and trainer who has been working with family systems and addictive disorders for decades – is the clinical architect of the Claudia Black Young Adult Center.

In a safe and nurturing community composed of their peers, young adults are guided on their journey of recovery by examining the underlying causes of addiction and co-occurring disorders. The overarching goal is to gain the courage to face difficult issues like grief and loss, heal from emotional trauma, and become accountable for their own feelings, behaviors, and recovery.

Treatment for Young Adults

Undaunted Hope

Undaunted Hope – The New Book by Dr. Claudia Black and Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, Released on April 23, 2024

The primary message of this book is that anyone willing to do the hard work can come out the other side stronger, healthier, and happier. Whatever the source of your pain, healing is possible.

Undaunted Hope

Recovery Replay Podcast

Recovery Replay, powered by Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, is a podcast that looks at the treatment and recovery process from three different perspectives. In each episode we hear from an MBH Onward alum, a loved one, and a clinician, each adding commentary, context, and teachable moments to the story. Every recovery journey is unique, but each of our stories share a sense of transparency and honesty. Visit for more details.


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