Claudia Black, M.S.W., Ph. D., is a prolific author and presenter in the field of addictions and codependency. Dr. Black has authored an extensive collection of books on these topics, as well as other trauma related issues, which have been recognized around the world. Since the 1970s Dr. Black has worked tirelessly to help those, specifically young and adult children, impacted by addiction and the trauma it’s produced. She offers models of intervention and treatment related to family violence, multi-addictions, relapse, anger, depression and women’s issues in her books, CDs and DVDs.

Dr. Black’s myriad of books has proved important for both professionals and individuals in and out of recovery. Her work includes:

It Will Never Happen To Me, Changing Course, My Dad Loves Me, My Dad Has A Disease, Repeat After Me, Relapse Toolkit, A Hole in the Sidewalk, Depression Strategies, Straight Talk, Unspoken Legacy: Addressing the Impact of Trauma and Addiction within the Addicted FamilyMake Intimate TreasonFamily Strategies, Anger Strategies, Deceived: Facing Sexual Betrayal, Lies and Secrets, The Truth Begins With You and her newest title, Intimate Treason: Healing the Trauma for Partners Confronting Sex Addiction.

She has produced seven audio CDs addressing issues of addiction and recovery; these include:

A Time for Healing, Putting the Past Behind, Triggers, Emotional Baggage, Trauma in the Addicted Family, Imageries and Letting Go Imageries. Dr. Black also has over 20 DVDs for professionals to use working with families and clients.

Many of her books and videos have been translated and published abroad.