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Referring a Patient

We know you value your patients and want to be sure you find the right program for them when they need a higher level of care. Our goal is your goal: to give each individual the best possible chance for complete recovery and to restore balance to their life. We are committed to providing the highest level of individualized care in a safe, scenic, and nurturing environment. We will get your client on the road to recovery so that the two of you can complete the journey together.

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Understanding the Screening Process

All patients admitted to the Claudia Black Young Adult Center must undergo a routine screening process designed to locate key factors that can determine a patient’s viability, including:

  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Recent hospitalizations
  • Preexisting medical conditions
  • Suicide attempts

We understand our role as stewards in the care of your patient and we take every precaution to ensure your patient receives the level of care needed to either continue or begin the road to healing.

“As a therapist, I’ve been referring clients to The Meadows for over 10 years because, in my opinion, they have the most treatment options available for my clients, like Somatic Experiencing and EMDR.”

Patient-Specific Care

In some cases, your patient might have unique needs that require special attention. Call ahead and speak with an admissions specialist to determine if the Claudia Black Center can accommodate your patient’s specific situation. Patients may fill out a screening form online or contact one of our admissions coordinators.

If you have a client or patient in need of a higher level of care, please call our admissions team or have your patient or family member contact us directly. Admissions specialists can provide all the information required to make treatment as accessible and affordable as possible.

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“I have a psychotherapy practice in Boston and on occasion refer my clients to The Meadows in Arizona. Why send them clear across the country when there are plenty of rehab facilities in the Boston area? Two words: success rate.”


Our experienced, compassionate Admissions team is here to help 24 hours a day and will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. Let our specialists help you create a road map to get you where you want to go: a healthier, more balanced, fulfilling place in life. When you call, you’ll be led through a series of questions to determine if the Claudia Black Young Adult Center is the right fit for your needs, and how soon your treatment can begin.

If you are interested in treatment for yourself or a loved one, call or fill out our convenient Admissions form!




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