Our treatment program addresses addiction, co-occurring mental health issues, and underlying trauma to uncover root causes and bring lasting healing.


Treatment for Young Adults

At the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, we believe trauma underlies nearly all conditions. Trauma, whether related to addiction, family-of-origin issues, or abuse, can reverberate through our lives, following us into adulthood and preventing us from living in the present. That’s why we treat a variety of conditions all with the objective of addressing the root trauma at the heart of each patient’s struggle. Then our team works to create a personalized patient treatment plan that combines varied therapies to unlock the greatest potential for healing and growth.


Meadows Model

Created by our own Pia Mellody, the Meadows Model at the core of our program is based on her groundbreaking Developmental Model of Immaturity. By addressing the trauma at the root of most issues, patients achieve not just temporary relief but lasting recovery.

Meadows Model
Community/Peer Approach

Healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We take pride in providing young adults with an opportunity to interact and engage in a safe, secure, and nurturing community comprised of their peers. The result is additional insight and exponential growth.

Group Therapy
Treatment Methods

The most successful treatment combines a diverse range of powerful methodologies to foster support, discovery, and healing. Techniques like Somatic Experiencing®, neurofeedback and holistic options work together to address the whole person.

Therapy Methods
 Addiction with young adults

Addiction Issues

Young adults tend to be less likely than their older counterparts to seek professional help for addiction issues because they feel invincible and don’t recognize their behavior as a serious problem. Compounding the problem, substance use may be written off as youthful experimentation due to their age. But the use of drugs or alcohol can go from recreational to problematic very quickly. It may take parents, friends, or loved ones to realize that something doesn’t seem right.

 Emotional trauma


Experiencing trauma during childhood while the brain is still developing can have severe and long-lasting effects that can carry into young adulthood and – if left untreated – well into adulthood. Trauma can stem from a single event or a series of traumatic events repeated over a period of time, causing individuals to suffer overwhelming painful, frightening, or loathing emotions. Whatever the source, the negative impact is deep and long-lasting when not addressed.

 Mental Health with young adults

Mental Health

Many people enter treatment to address one issue, but drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and emotional trauma are often intertwined with co-occurring mental health issues that make those other conditions worse. By addressing them all together and providing treatment and tools for managing everything from anxiety and depression to bipolar and ADHD, our expert team helps to decrease the risk of relapse and increase the likelihood of lasting, long-term recovery.


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