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Addiction Risk Factors for College Students

By Beau Black Drinking and drug use have become, for many, a socially accepted part of the college experience. College drinking especially is almost viewed as a rite of passage among students. The broad understanding that it’s “no big deal” ignores the potential consequences of college substance abuse –… Read More

Millennials, Suicide, Overdose, and COVID-19

Millennials have been suffering from a health decline in recent years, experiencing higher rates of depression, suicide, and drug overdose than the previous generation. A number of factors have been implicated in this decline, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put them in the spotlight: Millennials are dealing with a poor job… Read More

The Digital Dilemma: Avoiding Online Pitfalls

By Anna McKenzie Without question, social media has increased our exposure to both the positive and negative aspects of social life. At their worst, these platforms have arguably created the potential for addiction as well as harm to our mental health. Likes, comments, and shares — seemingly indicating approval… Read More

What Do I Do With My Child?

College can be an exciting time for many young adults; it is where they experience many firsts, including a new lifestyle, friends, roommates, exposure to new cultures and a wide variety of principles and thinking. Unfortunately, when many students are unable to handle these firsts, they’re more likely to struggle. Insecure and unable to manage the new environment or adjustments they can become susceptible to depression and anxiety. Read More

Celebrating the Claudia Black Young Adult Center’s First Anniversary

The transition period you go through between the last time you walk out of your high school, and the first time you walk into your new apartment or new place of employment, may be one of the most confusing and difficult times in a person’s life. (Also high on the list of confusing and difficult times: puberty.) When you add substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and trauma into the mix, this time can go from being merely “trying” to outright dangerous. Read More

Three Challenges Facing Young Adults

Young adults have a lot on their plates and, at times, their lives can feel overwhelming. Here are three areas that can be particularly challenging for young adults – peer pressure, college life, and dating. The Claudia Black Young Adult Center is here to help young adults in these areas and in every step on their journey of recovery. Read More

The Claudia Black Young Adult Center Now Open

In January of this year, the young adult program at The Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona became the Claudia Black Young Adult Center – an intensive, experientially based program specifically tailored to young adults ages 18 -26 struggling with emotional trauma, addiction, have a dual-diagnosis or who have failed past addiction treatments. This 45-day treatment program is an opportunity for young people to interact and engage in a safe, secure and nurturing community of their peers, but it also includes a strong focus on family systems. The Claudia Black Young Adult Center strongly focuses on how family systems can transform the lives of young adults and their families. Through real-time webinars, patients and their families are embraced into the process before treatment even begins. Read More

Dr. Claudia Black Launches Center for Young Adults

Claudia Black, Ph.D., recognized internationally for her pioneering and cutting-edge work with family systems and addictive disorders, recently launched The Claudia Black Young Adult Center for young adults ages 18 - 26 who are struggling with unresolved emotional trauma, addictions, or who have a dual diagnosis. “Our mission at the Claudia Black Young Adult Center,” said Dr. Black, whose work fueled the development of the codependency and developmental trauma fields, “is to help young adults and their families forge recovery paths, so they can heal, blossom, and thrive. As the clinical architect for this groundbreaking treatment program, I am honored to be a conduit for the journey of recovery for young adults. Read More