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Practical Parenting Advice to Put Into Practice Now

By Dr. Claudia Black, Meadows Senior Fellow, adapted from her book Straight Talk There is no such thing as perfect parenting, but there is good enough parenting.  As we mark another Parents Day at the end of July, may the following words support you in being that good enough parent… Read More

A Portrait of Forgiveness

After seeing a preview of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Dr. Claudia Black shares her expertise on the art of forgiveness as Lloyd Vogel, a young journalist, begins to heal from his childhood trauma with the help of Mister Rogers. Read More

Holiday Wish

Don’t worry about making any one person the answer Let recovery be the answer Don’t worry about finding that good mother Let the rooms embrace you Don’t worry about the “God thing” Let the peace of the program grow inside you one day at a time Don’t even worry about… Read More